Recollections Volunteer

Position Description Title: Recollections Life Story Assistant Location: Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region office Assigned Supervisor: First Link Coordinator Job Summary The role of the Life Story Assistant is to work one-on-one with an individual living with dementia to assist them in completing a 10 to 20 page life story book. Responsibilities To meet with…

Tele-Care Friendly Visiting Volunteer

Tele-Care volunteers make calls at regular intervals to Tele-Care clients to offer them support and an opportunity to be connected with information and education being offered at their local Alzheimer Society and/or in their community. The purpose behind connecting people with resources is to assist them with coping more effectively in living well with dementia as well as reducing isolation and increasing independence.

Lesson 1 – Understanding Dementia

This lesson will focus on learning about the different types of dementia. As well, participants will develop an awareness of the impact of delirium as it relates to dementia, understand diagnostic resources, become aware of medications used in the treatment of dementia and learn some healthy brain strategies.

Lesson 2 – Communication Strategies

After completing this lesson, participants will become aware of the impact of verbal and nonverbal communication when working with individuals living with dementia. As well, participants will be able to identify environmental factors that can enhance or impede communication and develop strategies to improve communication.